trial flight

Trial Flight

Trial Flight

Helicopter Trial

Making Your First Flight In Helicopter special

The helicopter Trial gives you the opportunity to fly a helicopter under the strict supervision of professional instructors. We initiate multiple introductory flights a week and we welcome others who wish to have a go. There are no prerequisites- If you have managed to reach all the controls in your average car, you can book a trial flight in a helicopter.

Did you ever wish to take control of a helicopter and fly? It is indeed a great feeling. Such trial lessons is an air experience flight, tailored to do exactly that, and it would leave you feel great for days.

This is certainly going to be your first step while selecting a career or you may simply wish to have a go as a lifetime affair. Either way, it is a great option to learn the basics of how a helicopter works and experience how it feels taking control.

We bring you a wide range of trial lesson options, either as a gift voucher, to treat someone special or alternatively you can give us a call and make a booking for the date of your choice. If flying a helicopter has been your lifelong ambition, why not give it a try?

The choices extend from flying a Cabri G2, to an entire hour in our 4 situate R44 helicopter where you can fly around some incredible neighborhood tourist spots and get a bird's eye view.

30 moment and hour long preliminary exercise appointments can be made 7 days a week (Subject to accessibility)


30 min @ $400

1 hr @ 760

If one session isn't sufficient, and you wish to take up the challenge of turning into a Helicopter Pilot, we prescribe the RPL (Recreational Pilots License). The RPL is the least expensive and most effortless approach to fly a helicopter that you are appraised on with non paying travelers. On the off chance that, at that point you conclude that you need to wind up an expert helicopter pilot, we have a CPL (Commercial Pilots License) bundle that sets you up to begin your profession as a completely prepared Helicopter Pilot.

If you have any enquiries or you wish to discuss the options avaialable before you book just give us a call +61 429 695 682  , and we'd be more than happy to keep you updated about the packages available.