Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TIF?

A Trial Instructional Flight is the first flight for a helicopter student. We recommend no longer than 30 minutes of actual flying time for the pilot's first time. The 30 minutes of flight is fully loggable towards your helicopter licence. You will be taught about the effects of the controls and will actually fly the helicopter.We recommend arriving one hour before the flight time to be briefed on a pre-flight inspection of your aircraft as well as a pre-flight briefing with your instructor. Also allow 30 minutes for a post-flight briefing.

Are the restrictions for helicopters different than for airplanes?

Yes. Due to the unique way in which helicopters can fly, the requirements are less strict allowing helicopters to be flown with less limitations.

Can anyone become a helicopter pilot?

Given you are at least 17 years old, have an Aviation Medical Class 2 Certificate [Class 1 for CPL(H)], and are able to read, speak and understand English you will be well on your way. Flying a helicopter requires exceptional hand/eye coordination, situational awareness, balance, and discipline. With these attributes, you could become a superior pilot.

What can i do with a CPL(H) - Commercial Pilot's Licence

The Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence will enable you to fly anywhere in Australia with passengers during daylight hours, in any helicopter for which an endorsement is held. Commercial pilots may be remunerated for flying done, however any commercial activities must be conducted under an organisation, which holds an Air Operators Certificate, such as Cloud Nine Helicopters.

Are helicopters safe to fly?

Yes, for a properly trained pilot who exercises good judgment. A helicopter can safely be landed almost anywhere within a minute or two should a problem arise. Most helicopter accidents happen due to poor pilot judgment (e.g., failure to avoid obstacles or continuing flight into bad weather). These accidents are totally avoidable by flying intelligently.